I help organizations to build cloud applications.

Platon Korzh

Platon Korzh

I offer services to help organizations develop an efficient and effective plan for their cloud adoption journey, increase business agility and flexibility, as well as reduce costs.

Have 10 years experience in software development and architecture.
what do I do?
  • Cloud application development.
  • Serverless application development.
  • Security and audit.


Drop me a line at platon@korzh.io.

what have I done?

Static Page Constructor

Static Page Constructor is a serverless CMS that generates static sites.


Cloud powered e-learning platform.


Online assistant with a job search. Developed in conjunction with the Kharkiv Employment Center.


Create AWS ☁️ API.

what clients are saying?

During his time with Filmyr, Platon functioned as the Lead Software Engineer and the architect behind our technology. His in-depth knowledge about cutting edge software technology allowed him to build a robust, lasting, and scalable solution that could deal with millions of users. He cared about code quality while also iterating quickly and put effort into improving our tech stack, tools, and processes. He also worked closely with the company founders to help set priorities and focus on the right things.

Emil Bergdahl. CEO, Filmyr
tech stack


Amazon Web Services Cloud.


JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine.