MVP development — our offering for startups

— Have a business idea? We can make it happen.

MVP for startups
We had a client who needed to develop an app for gamers with social network features. The business logic was spread among AWS Lambda functions. We used, which provides likes, follows, and activity feeds out of the box—used Cloudinary for media handling. In 2 months, we had v1 released.
Another client looked to develop an app to improve logistics on their plant. We contacted a few universities to help us design an algorithm. Develop a simple monolith around it. In three months, the app was deployed at the facility.

How does it work?

  • You share your business goals and drivers.
  • Together we determine the success criteria.
  • We agree on a budget and timeline.
    • If you have limited funding, we can always work backward from the budget toward implementation, stripping non-essentials.
    • If you have a limited timeline, we have a rush fee.
  • We do the work.

How does it differ from regular projects?

We don't add bells and whistles
It's nice to have WebSockets and real-time notifications, but it's a cherry on top. You add it after the rest of the cake is ready.

We don't develop for high availability & scalability
What we mean here is that many startups overengineer their solution and end up with FAANG-grade applications no one uses. We start small and simple.

We concentrate on one important thing
If you want to build a CRM system, the first question people will ask is, "How is it different?". We will put our effort towards that difference.

Approximately 20 percent of your efforts produce 80 percent of the results.

How do we ensure success?

We offer limited technology choices

Our tech stack is limited, but we know it inside out. We have built dozens of apps using python/Django. No fancy tech, only proven solutions.

We use docker

Deploy it on-premise, on AWS/Azure/GCP, anywhere. It's fast and portable—scale as needed.

We concentrate on essential features

Of course, everyone wants their app to be perfect, but that's different from how things work. You want to start small and organically evolve your app alongside your business.

We are not a typical outsourcing agency

We are not selling person-hours. We sell results.

We are agile

It doesn't mean we use jira and have a scrum master. Instead we understand the nature of startups, we iterate, we change, we allow you to fail fast.

Are you interested?

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